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What’s going on with Hollywood, Florida’s Six Flags Atlantis Waterpark?



Coral Springs, Florida – We didn’t have to travel far to Rapids Water Park in West Palm Beach to enjoy fantastic water slide experiences more than thirty years ago. We had Six Flags Atlantis almost next to our house.

In case you forgot, Atlantis was situated in Hollywood, off of I-95. There has never been a water park open to Broward County residents since it closed in 1992.

Yes, many of our cities have those miniature parks, but those slides are meant for younger children. You will have to make the trek to Palm Beach County if you are seeking true excitement.

We got in touch with Michael Lucas, an ex-Atlantis employee who runs an unofficial blog named Atlantis Memories. He urged me to keep in mind that these are his memories and that he has no affiliation with Six Flags Atlantis.

Located in Hollywood, Florida, at the crossroads of I-95 and Stirling Road, Six Flags Atlantis was a water park spanning many valuable acres.

A local developer created and constructed “Atlantis, the Water Kingdom,” but he ran out of money before the park could open. It stayed in a state of partial completion for a few years.
At least a portion of the park was acquired by Bally’s, Six Flags’ parent company at the time, and it eventually opened as “Six Flags Atlantis” in 1983.*

A seven-story slide tower, a wave pool, a lake with water-skiing shows, video arcades, a small midway, and numerous other performances and activities were among the park’s amenities.

Scenes from “Miami Vice” were shot at Atlantis. Even though the plot changes the park’s name, the Atlantis midway is easily identifiable. Additionally, “The Genii” was filmed at the park by an Italian motion picture firm. It looks that the movie was never released.

For nine years, Atlantis welcomed almost 500,000 visitors annually, but during that time, there were never any fatalities or major injuries.

Hand-painted Italian tile was used to create the mural on the back of the wave pool, as well as all the tiled areas surrounding the other pools.

Promotional brochure for Atlantis in 1984, courtesy of Michael Lucas

Before going missing, the late Tiffany Sessions worked for Atlantis. I hope somewhere in the world she’s doing well and enjoying herself.

It is true that Atlantis had certain innate issues. First of all, it was close to the famed beaches of Miami and Ft. Lauderdale as well as Dania Beach, only a few miles away.
Secondly, the weather had the final say over its operational schedule.
The park may be closed for many hours due to thunderstorms along the sea breeze front, which are frequent on hazy afternoons in South Florida.

In the summer of 1988, Six Flags sold the park, and the new proprietors reopened it as “Atlantis, The Water Kingdom.” Reimagined as a more compact and effective theme park, and without the financial strain of Six Flags’ insurance premiums, Atlantis started turning a profit.

However, Hurricane Andrew’s damage in 1992 ultimately resulted in the park’s permanent closure. Even trying to move the park farther east to avoid the daily thunderstorms proved to be unsuccessful.


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