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Voter education becomes the focus now that abortion is on the Florida ballot



Miami, Florida – The same organizations that amassed over a million signatures on a petition to place abortion rights on the Florida ballot are now focusing on voter education and mobilization.

They project that $1 million will be needed each week to fully fund door-knocking, phone banking, digital and social media, and Florida’s ten TV markets.

“When women and voters have all the accurate info, they overwhelmingly support this,” said Ashley Walker with the Florida Women’s Freedom Coalition.

The Republican Party of Florida sent out a fundraising email blast the morning following the ruling by the Florida Supreme Court.

“We’re protecting life in all its forms,” said Evan Power, Chair of the Florida GOP. “It’s a simple proposition that we’re going to protect life.”

Although the proposed amendment lifts restrictions before viability, a medical standard Florida had recognized as typically about 24 weeks, or when necessary to protect a patient’s health, as determined by her healthcare provider, the campaign misleads readers into believing that the Florida amendment would allow abortions up to the time of birth.

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