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Ohio woman arrested for making false bomb threat at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport during TSA screening



Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Dorion Young Davis of Dayton, Ohio, was arrested at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport on Tuesday for allegedly making a false bomb threat during a TSA pat-down. The arrest report states that Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies were called to Terminal 1 after the TSA reported a security alert from Davis’ carry-on bag. While a TSA agent was conducting a pat-down, Davis was overheard saying, “Whole time they missed a whole bomb in my bag!”

Making a false bomb threat is a serious offense that can result in severe legal consequences. Davis was transported to BSO Main Jail without incident and is facing charges for making a false report or bomb threat against the government or publicly owned property. In addition to facing criminal charges, individuals who make false bomb threats may also be liable for civil damages, including the cost of evacuating an area, lost business revenue, and other related expenses.

False bomb threats can also cause significant disruption to airport operations and can potentially endanger the lives of others. Therefore, authorities treat such threats very seriously, and they have become increasingly common in recent years. In order to ensure public safety, security personnel and law enforcement officials remain vigilant in their efforts to detect and prevent threats, including false bomb threats. Such threats are a criminal offense and can result in serious consequences for those who make them, as well as for the public and the authorities who respond to them.


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